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if you want to use some of my pictures, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I’ll be glad to see my work gets used beyond this domain. I won’t charge any fees for private or commercial use as long as you reproduce it with my explicit permission and add a linked copyright notice to

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about me

mr. refro-toI’ve been passionate about photography since my childhood. although photography always had to share my free time with other hobbies, it clearly ruled out my other  passion – wine – in the past years.

these days are really good times for all (amateur) photographers.
digital nearly brought heaven  – and hell in other respects ;-)  – accurate cameras, wonderful software, global resources to dig deeper, tons of reviews and photos to watch. short in one sentence: exhaustless possibilities and so less time left :-(

I’m not a pixelpeeper nor do I see the necessity of owning the latest gear – technologie can support you in certain moments, but it’s still just one part among others. even though I’m a technician myself by profession, I clearly see emotion as the part that really matters.
Of course I am too hunting for the perfect shot – just as every other photographer probably does as well.
however, I find it much more exciting to frame standard situations of every day life and present the world around me in an unusual perspective.

simply spoken: glas stories in a visually artistic way…

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