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views of berlin

berlin really is a fascination of it’s own.

I first fell in love with this city during a 5-day-stay back in 2010, when I visited microsoft’s tech ed conference. sadly I had little time during daylight to explore this city, so I promised myself to return soon. during our ski holidays in 2011 we got to know a couple from berlin and stayed in contact since then, which opened up the window for a 3 day visit of my wife after easter in the year after – an opportunity I missed due to a scheduling conflict :(


so we had to come back this year in early summer and enjoyed rain and sun both together. returning to already known places (alex, main station, government district, ..) went along with exploring new sites (tempelhof airfield, pergamon museum, kreuzberg-district, “oberbaum”-bridge, boat trip on the river spree, berlin wall).


it’s the unique combination of new urban life and architecture with the monuments of history, this cultural mixture of it’s inhabitants and crowdy tourists, a neverending, permanent reinvention of districts and areas, which condenses to an incomparable location and generates this unique feeling of having seen not only one sole, but many different cities at once. I never missed the mountains & hills of my home town for a second, although berlin really is embedded in a flat countryside.


berlin – a photographer’s dream! it doesn’t matter if you’re more attracted by humans or patterns and geometry – as I am – if you like it more historic or if you admire avant-garde, you can have it all – no need to decide!
so let me take you through a journey of expressive pictures here – all taken with my fuji x-pro 1 with the xf18-55 zoom. I really like the image quality of the x-trans-sensor. pictures were taken with filmsimulation set to astia and developed in corel aftershot with the help of Sean Pucketts fabulous plugin nostalgia. ironically I really prefer the fuji films settings (astia, provia, sensia and some times velvia :-)


impressions from würzburg

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I attended a conference in würzburg this spring and decided to last for two days longer to explore all the sightseeings this nice city has to offer.
personally I really enjoy staying in cities surrounded by wine, since (quality!)drinking mostly goes hand in hand with good food. in addition people seem to be more relaxed and culture in general seems to be more important to the inhabitants.
würzburg has a long and rich history witnessed by the fortress marienberg and würzbzrg residence along some highly valued wineyards like the famous würzburger stein for wines made from the grape sylvaner – all in all perfect conditions for a nice stay.

and indeed we had a great time during sightseeing, enjoying most

  • sitting at the water’s edge along the river main – between the “old crane” and “old main bridge”,
  • the magnificent viewpoint to the city on half way to the fortress and of course the sturdy fortress marienberg itself,
  • spending the evening at the cafe “schönborn” in front of the beatiful “falkenhaus” (house of the falcon) enjoying relaxed bar jazz played by students from germany’s oldest music university,
  • the residence with it’s really incredible self-supporting roof (a guided tour is an absolutely must!) and
  • the beautiful courtyard and garden of the juliusspital


the clou: everything in this city is within a comfortable walking distance and two days are sufficient to get an first impression of this cosy town. so enjoy a walk with me through the pics found in my gallery.

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